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Who Is Taisaku Cutlery?

Welcome to Taisaku Cutlery!

Our goal is to provide products that can stand up to the rigorous life of professional kitchen use, while also being loved and enjoyed by home cooks looking for the highest quality products available. We truly believe that artisan Japanese blacksmiths put their heart and soul into their knives in hopes they bring blessings, good fortune and luck to cooks on their journeys everywhere.  

Our brand was carefully curated to offer unbeatable quality from small shop Japanese knife makers and craftsmen, some of whom you are unable to find anywhere else. We believe that the blacksmiths offered on our website forge the highest quality knives available and offer something for everyone from home cooks to the professional chef.

Our Promise

We strive to offer honest, hand crafted, quality products and exceptional customer service.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have and greatly enjoy building relationships with our customers!